Fine Rug Cleaning for Home

A Clean You Can’t Get at Home

We use leading technology in our cleaning approach that has been perfected through over 60 years of experience in cleaning fine rugs.

High-Quality Rug Wash for the Ultimate Clean

A rug wash is the most effective way to clean the fibers found in heirloom rugs. Our wash uses mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic processes for the ultimate clean. In fact, we are the only rug cleaning company in Mississippi to include the use of pneumatics and hydraulics in our cleaning process.

These methods, when used in tandem, clean your rug’s every fiber. A clean this deep cannot be achieved at home.

The George Bell Cleaning System


  • Inspection: Our trained staff will examine your rugs for any needs including risk of color bleeding, stains, pet urine and repair.
  • Upon request, we will provide you with a detailed price quote for the services provided.
  • Dusting: This is where a surprising amount of dirt, grit and unhealthy matter is removed from your rugs. Left imbedded, these particulates can damage the rug fibers and backing due to continuous wear and tear from foot traffic and heavy furniture.
  • Wash: Total submersion in cool water with a mild detergent is the absolute best way to clean natural fibers like wool, cotton and silk. Rugs are gently “hand massaged” with industry approved brushes and tools to clean rugs through and through, bring back a healthy nap, and remove unhealthy impurities.

Rinse and Dry

  • Decontamination: The decontamination bath removes pet urine, mold, mildew and moths and other types of insect infestations.
  • Rinse: Multiple clean water rinses achieve a rug so clean… you can drink from them!
  • Dry: Exact atmospheric drying conditions are established and controlled in our drying room. This insures your rug is properly dried without damage.

Post Detailing

  • Taking care of the details like grooming the fringe and nap gives the rug a nice finished look.
  • They specialize in reweaving, reburling, serging and fringe repair and replacement, Call and speak with a team member to discuss your specific needs.

Cleaning with Craftsmanship

Your rug is viewed through an artisan’s lens which ensures that its integrity and aesthetics are maintained throughout this process. Our in-house craftsperson offers repairs and restoration services. We know that heirloom rugs carry sentimental value, and we take extra care with your rug as we work hard to give you the best results. Our experienced team is committed to taking the best care possible of your rug throughout the cleaning process. From its first inspection to its final detailing, every step requires an active decision from a member of our team that is unique to your rug’s needs.

We won’t rest until your rug is up to our highest standards.

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